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In the heart of the Appalachians, a narrow valley is nestled within the Sutton Mountain range. The unspoiled environment of the Ruiter Valley constitutes one of the last unfragmented areas in Southeastern Québec.

The Ruiter Valley Land Trust’s primary purpose is the protection of natural habitats. We also offer a wonderful network of marked trails for eco-friendly activities such as hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Take along a trail map and consult our « Outdoor Activities » section for our “No Trace Trail Etiquette” that also respects this private domain. You will also find a number of accommodations in the area.


The Ruiter Valley Land Trust is pleased to introduce two pocket guides aimed at raising awareness among hikers on the rich and diverse wildlife species and natural habitats that can be discovered along its network of trails.

An initiative made possible thanks to :

A great gift idea with a trail map as bonus !

On sale for $10 at the Potton, Sutton and Magog Tourist Bureau or at the Potton and Sutton Public Libraries. Also available at Au Naturel in Sutton, Pépinière Abbotsford or by e-mail at : [email protected]

Woodland Plants

Short monographs of some of the most remarkable plants found in the Ruiter Valley woodlands that will accompany trail users along the way.
Each specimen is illustrated by colour photos and contains useful information that will facilitate flora identification.

Tracking Mammals

An introduction to wildlife monitoring techniques for the novice or experienced observer. A description of the habitat and special characteristics of each species is included.
It is illustrated with colour photos and drawings of animal tracks and also includes a “Track Identification Form”.

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