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The Ruiter Valley Land Trust offers its members and the general public a range of practical educational activities. Our goal is to encourage both children and adults to take part in the protection of wildlife habitats and ecosystems for their benefit and that of future generations. Some of the tools developed in support of our activities are available under the Eco-Boutique section.

Thematic workshop on fauna and flora

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Our interpretation activities are a learning tool that contributes to developing a better understanding of ecosystems, and promotes a behaviour that is respectful of the environment. We invite you to consult our calendar of activities for a list of upcoming activities.

Keeping Track Monitoring Program ®

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In 2002, RVLT implemented a wildlife monitoring program which aims at identifying the presence of 10 focal species, some of which are vulnerable or endangered. The Keeping Track Monitoring Program ® is a training program in the identification of signs of animal presence. This innovative program, tried and tested in the United States, has been developed by Sue Morse, a well-known Vermont naturalist and founder of the organization Keeping Track inc.. The monitoring program teaches citizens the scientific protocol to do an inventory of wildlife.

To date, our adaptation of this program, known as « Faune sans frontières » relies on the voluntary participation of about 30 trackers divided into eight transect teams active in the Potton, Sutton, Lac Bowker, Mont-Chagnon and Salmon River sectors. The trackers, all trained in the Keeping Track Monitoring Program ® based in Vermont collect data four times a year on the following focal species: Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Canada Lynx, Black Bear, Martin, Mink, River Otter, Fisher, Moose and Wolf. Our data base, which is unique in Quebec, is an invaluable tool for our conservation planning and strategy .

Environmental education in schools

Environmental education in schools
Our workshops are offered to 5th and 6th grade students since 2002. The workshops help the children to learn about the abundant treasures found on our territory. They instil new values and help them see their environment in a different way.

What teachers think about our program :

« A creative and fun ways to teach the children. I have been working with RVLT and Isabelle for 7 years. The program has had a visible effect on the children’s understanding of their environment and they now consciously try to protect it. Because we have combined classes, our oldest children have been part of the RVLT Tracking Program for 5 years, so the impact of the workshops on these children is really evident. I would highly recommend Isabelle and the education program to any school. »

Mansonville Elementary School.


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