Board of Directors

Marie-Claire Planet, President

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Having graduated from Université de Montréal, Marie-Claire has an information systems management background. Since 1992 she has participated in the development and implementation of various information systems projects at the national and international scales as Development Manager and Project Manager.

She joined the Ruiter Valley Land Trust in 1998 where she held the positions of Secretary of the Board of Administrators from de 1998 to 2006 and Vice-President from 2007 to 2012. She represents the land trust at workshops and exhibits. A passionate of botany and medicinal plants she organizes and coordinates several workshops and outings on the identification of flora with the help local specialists in the field.

Guy Langevin, Treasurer

Guy has a Bachelor of Law Degree from Université de Montréal and 30 years of experience in the field of finance. In the course of his career, he held several strategic management positions with leading Canadian and American financial institutions. From 1999 to 2003, he was Vice-President of State Street Bank of Boston, where he developed the institutional investors market with major players. Prior to that he held several senior management positions in Stock Transfer and Trust Services with Montreal Trust and Royal Trust companies. He also served on the Board of Directors of the Société de Musique Contemporaine du Québec.

Since he retired from the business community in 2003, he shares his time between charitable activities in the community and his favourite hobbies. He joined the Land Trust in 2007 as Treasurer and also oversees the recreational front of the Land Trust. He is also involved in conservation efforts for wildlife habitat and participates in a species inventory project in the Green Mountain Nature Reserve.

France Lapointe, Secretary

Profile available soon.

Stansje Plantenga

Stansje is a Founding Member of the Ruiter Valley Land Trust (RVLT)and was President until 2012, the first Land Trust to be created in Quebec in 1987. Inspired by conservation organizations in Great Britain and the United States, she contributed to the long process of getting the conservation easement accepted into Quebec law. Her efforts toward protecting the territory led to the creation of a nature reserve by the Québec government in the Ruiter Valley. The area was declared as one of the “Endangered Spaces” worthy of protection by the World Wildlife Fund. Stansje’s exceptional contribution to the conservation and protection of wilderness was recognized in 1992 by the Provancher Society who honoured her work through the “Gens d’Action” award.

In addition to supervising the “conservation” aspects of the land trust, Stansje coordinates the Quebec chapter of the Keeping Track training program, which inspires community participation in the long-term stewardship of wildlife habitat. She is also the operating owner of a Retreat Center in the Ruiter Valley in Potton. Prior to joining the conservation movement, Stansje made her mark in the arts field. Having been trained as a lay therapist, she also worked with the mentally ill as an art teacher in the Centre established by her late husband, Robert Shepherd.

Daniel Sultan

Daniel is a professionnal engineer and owns a Master Degree in Bio Medical Engineering. He has several years of experience in the development of Medical Devices and has supervised several teams of research and development. Holder of a MBA he has participated on several Boards of Directors both private and non-profit organization. His computer skills were used in the development of communications tools for the RVLT. Daniel is member of the RVLT Board since 2002.

Our coLaborators

Éric Deschênes

Program Coordinator and Trail Maintenance.

Gaétan Champagne

Assistant Instructor - Keeping Track Program.

Isabelle Grégoire

Educator - Environmental School Program and Assistant Instructor - Keeping Track Program».

Marie-Claude Lamy

Chief Assistant Instructor - Keeping Track Program.

Frank Ruiz

Trail maintenance.

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