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Becoming a member

The Ruiter Valley Land Trust is a fine example of a dream come true through the involvement, hard work and generosity of many people.

Today the Land Trust is a source of great pride and pleasure and it continues to evolve thanks to its members and friends, Potton residents, cottagers and visiting hikers.

Becoming a member of the Trust means…

  • Joining a small community of nature lovers.
  • Showing support for an important conservation project in the Eastern Townships.
  • Contributing to trails open to all visitors for free.
  • Participating in the pursuit of Robert and Stansje’s dream started in the late 80s.


  • Discounts on activities, training and publications.
  • Subscription to our newsletter.
  • Voting rights at Annual General meetings.
  • Invitation to special member activities (hiking, picnic, etc.).

The only conditions are: adhere to the conservation mission of the Trust and pay the annual membership fee. Please note that applications are subject to the approval by the Board of Directors.

Join the Friends of the Trust for an annual cost of $25 for an individual or $40 for a family

Payment for one year :

Paying by Mail :


The Ruiter Valley Land Trust pursues its conservation mission largely with the help of volunteers and continues to offer free access to its trails.

Every year residents, vacationers and friends – hikers or not, young and old – help us maintain the trail network and organize various activities.

Without volunteers, this beautiful territory would not be protected.

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Want to help us ?

    Ecological Donation

    The territory under protection by the Ruiter Valley Land Trust is considerable and continues to grow thanks to ecological donations from citizens.

    Each year, area residents choose to put a property into conservation and entrust this protection to a local conservation organization. Their properties are in Potton or nearby.

    These people want to make a difference and participate in building a unique heritage in the region.

    There are several ways to protect a property.

    Source: video by F. Allali et A. Cordeau

    Photo de faune Fiducie foncière de la vallée Ruiter

    Biodiversity wins, the community wins, and you win too, because of the significant tax benefits (provincial and federal) of making an ecological donation to an organization like ours.

    The Trust has been in existence since the 1980s and is made up solely of people from the region. It is not financed by any large corporation and does not engage in any lobbying activities.

    Would you be interested in building the future with us? Whether it’s a 5-acre or 100-acre lot, contact us to discuss it.